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Seeking compensation for nursing negligence damages in Louisiana

| Feb 23, 2016 | Nursing Negligence

Many adult children in New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana face serious legal challenges concerning substandard care their parents have received in nursing homes. Nursing negligence is responsible for a great number of injuries and illnesses (even deaths) in assisted living facilities throughout the nation. In certain circumstances, an adult child may take legal action against any party or parties deemed responsible for negligent care.

In another state, a lawsuit was recently filed by the daughter of a former nursing home patient. The woman is the executor of her mother’s estate. She is seeking a monetary judgment for compensatory and punitive damages in relation to negligent care that she says caused her mother serious suffering on several occasions.

Apparently, the mother was considered a patient at-risk for falling. Yet, she suffered a broken leg after falling out of a wheel chair while being pushed by a staff member at the nursing facility. The incident resulted in a trip to the hospital emergency room. The patient was also reportedly hospitalized and required surgery for a urinary tract infection, malnutrition and an ulcer.

In certain circumstances, the law in New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana allows an adult child to act on behalf of a parent who is unable to act on his or her own behalf to file a lawsuit against any facility or person that is responsible for nursing negligence. Such situations are sometimes complicated and may be best addressed by seeking guidance from an experienced medical malpractice attorney. Adult children are often burdened with substantial financial obligations due to expenses associated with a parent’s injuries, illness or death that may be somewhat relieved through court-awarded compensation in a successfully litigated claim.

Source: The Augusta Chronicle, “Daughter of nursing home patient files negligence suit”, Sandy Hodson, Feb. 22, 2016