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Surgical Errors Archives

Are fatigued physicians as dangerous as drowsy drivers?

Ask any trucker who drives on I-10 in and out of New Orleans and they will tell you that drowsy drivers are dangerous drivers. Research shows that fatigue slows reflexes, diminishes judgment and sometimes blurs vision.

Justice often prevails for victims of surgical errors

Louisiana medical patients no doubt understand there is a certain amount of risk involved in any type of medical procedure. However, doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are obligated to keep patients as safe as possible when providing care and treatment. One can imagine how horrific it would be to undergo an operation in the obvious hope of resolving a medical problem, only to suffer even more when surgical errors occur.

Widower sues doctor for surgical errors

Substandard medical care can have tragic consequences for victims. In Louisiana and beyond,  medical patients are often injured, made ill or even killed due to hospital negligence, surgical errors and other forms of inadequate care. Sadly, a family in another state experienced the latter when a young surgical assistant became a patient at the hospital where she worked.

Family learns of surgical errors and files wrongful death lawsuit

A family outside Louisiana made a recent discovery regarding a tragedy that occurred several years ago. In 2011, their 77-year-old man underwent heart surgery, but did not survive. A local newspaper from the family's town apparently contacted the man's family with startling information that led to their wrongful death claim for surgical errors against the doctor who had operated on their loved one.

Louisiana doctors may not always apologize for surgical errors

National guidelines recommending full disclosure of medical mistakes suggest that every patient has the right to know when something doesn't go as planned during surgery. Surgical errors often result in serious injuries or death in hospitals throughout the nation. Louisiana patients may be interested in the results of a recent survey that indicates the majority of participants only follow approximately five out of eight national recommendations.

Surgical errors in Louisiana may involve cataracts failures

Although surgeries occur in medical facilities throughout the nation on a daily basis, there is no such thing as a typical operation. In Louisiana and elsewhere, any patient undergoing a surgical procedure takes on an inherent risk. However, patients may reasonably assume that doctors, nurses and other staff members will act with caution to prevent surgical errors and other mishaps that could result in serious injuries to patients.

Legal recourse for those injured by surgical errors in Louisiana

Undergoing surgery in a Louisiana hospital (or, any other hospital in the nation, for that matter) requires a certain amount of trust between patient and surgeon. Any type of surgery contains inherent risks to a patient; although, some procedures are obviously more complicated than others. Surgical errors continue to be problematic in many hospitals, causing patients to suffer serious injuries or death.

Seeking full recovery for damages caused by surgical errors

There is a certain amount of risk inherent in any type of surgical procedure. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff members are obligated to adhere to strict protocol and accepted standards in order to protect the safety of patients inasmuch as it is reasonably possible. In Louisiana and other hospitals throughout the nation, patients continue to suffer often devastating injuries due to surgical errors that in many cases could have been prevented.

Study: infections behind many post-surgery hospital readmissions

After undergoing a surgery, a person generally hopes things will go smoothly for them health-wise in the days, weeks and months following the procedure. Unfortunately, some patients don't get this hoped-for situation. Some end up facing post-surgery complications. One such complication is a surgical site infection.

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