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Jury finds that misuse of forceps caused birth injuries

Parents whose child has permanent brain damage are reportedly grateful for a recent verdict that came after a two-week trial. The child was born in 2010. Approximately two years later, a lawsuit was filed in a civil court outside Louisiana against the hospital and clinic, seeking justice on behalf of the child for the birth injuries he suffered.

Many families have been devastated by birth injuries in Louisiana

In Louisiana and throughout the United States, many families have endured great suffering due to medical negligence. Birth injuries, in particular, often have serious and long-lasting effects. In fact, sometimes injured infants who survive remain in need of daily assistance simply to function for the rest of their lives.

Judge says public has the right to know about birth injuries case

Entrusting oneself to the care of obstetricians/gynecologists when preparing to give birth always involves a certain amount of risk. However, every Louisiana patient has the right to reasonably assume that all medical professionals involved in their care will provide services according to the utmost levels of accepted safety standards. Substandard care has been known to result in serious birth injuries, and in worst cases, even death.

Baby's birth injuries caused by misuse of forceps during delivery

When a woman is admitted to a hospital to have a baby, she obviously entrusts both her own and her child's life to the medical team who assists her. When something goes wrong, what was supposed to be a joyful  experience can become tragic. Many birth injuries in Louisiana are caused by doctor negligence; such was the case in one incident in another state that led to a lawsuit.

Louisiana parents may have questions after birth injuries occur

The birth of a baby is typically a joyful event in the life of a family who has been eagerly anticipating the arrival. Sadly, many such milestones in Louisiana hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the nation become tragic rather than happy when birth injuries occur. A parent whose child has suffered a severe birth injury may want answers from those involved regarding whether doctor errors or other negligent actions were perhaps significant factors in the incident.

Mistrial motion filed in birth injuries case

A jury outside Louisiana recently awarded a child more than $50 million. However, the situation may not yet be resolved, as the defendant has filed for mistrial. In a rather strange development, the attorney for the plaintiff is being accused of evoking Nazi-related sentiments in the closing arguments of the birth injuries case.

Surgical errors caused infant death in hospital outside Louisiana

Parents whose newborn infants suffer adverse health conditions obviously want the best care for their children. Sometimes, surgery is necessary to rectify a situation and provide the best treatment possible for a child. However, when one newborn was entrusted to the care of doctors and nurses, and surgical errors occurred, the result was tragic, leaving a family in a hospital outside Louisiana in a state of shock and devastation.

Recovering from the devastation of birth injuries in Louisiana

The joy and excitement of having a baby is something most families who experience it never forget. In Louisiana and elsewhere, however, what should be a happy time may quickly turn to tragedy due to birth injuries caused by medical negligence. This is certainly not something any parent wants to think about; although, it is good to know that there is legal help available in such dire situations. 

Mother claims negligent staff caused birth injuries

The birth of an infant is often described as miraculous. Many mothers in Louisiana can recall the joy and excitement they experienced as they carried their babies to term and brought them into the world. Others' memories may not be so idyllic, especially if complications arose during pregnancy that required emergency medical attention. It is even worse for those whose children suffered birth injuries because hospital staff members were negligent.

Birth injuries: Louisiana parents may pursue legal action

Parents in Louisiana and throughout the nation are often devastated when their childbirth experiences become tragedies due to medical errors. Birth injuries often result in serious permanent damage to infants. Many such instances are entirely preventable and are caused by negligence.

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